Talk vs Action

ImageI can sit here and write all about my big Exception but what is the point if October 4th comes and I am not where I need to be to set in motions the events that need to happen to get to it?

Sometimes talk is cheap.
Other times, it may cost you alot of money.

Either way, last night I took action and made the final step to make sure that I’ll be where I need to be come October 4th.

Hows walk comparing to your talk, which one do you do more?



ImageLast night I had a dream about the Big Exception, and you know what – I didnt make it! I stuck to my Life’s Rule. But that was just a dream, maybe I didnt make the big jump because I wasnt ready…

One thing that I’ve learned through this countdown (it began for me many weeks ago) is the art of preparation. I say ART because really, it takes some sort of creativity with planning and perfect execution to make it come true. 

By preparing I become more aware of my decisions and where my life is heading. Its been said that if you dont know where you are going then you will never know when you get there. I know where I am going but I must take steps towards that direction. 

Preparation must be in three areas; physical, emotional & spiritual. Some days I devote more time to one of those areas but overall, I am seeing how everything is coming together. Slowly. 

So I’m wondering, do you prepare for life, if so, how?

Words are Powerful

I follow an amazing and passionate blogger, Scott Dinsmore, who has dedicated his life to help others do the work that they love. Each post leaves me feeling as if I am on top of the world.
He has a way to validate my ideas and dreams. His words are pure energy to my brain and I swear that after visiting his blog, I feel invincible.

Today I was reading his latest post: 74 Unconventional Stories, Ideas & Beliefs for Making an Unforgettable Impact in a Conventional World (#WDS 2012) and it was encouraging me to take my dreams and just ship them. Just do them.

That’s when it hit me …

Words are powerful.

I am lucky enough to have a passion for reading and learning. And also, I feel extremely blessed to have access to works, thoughts, and teachings of great minds like Seth Godin, Leo Babauta, Simon Sinek, and others. Their words and actions really inspire me.

So I want to encourage you. Know the power of the words you read, hear or feel.
Be conscious of whats influencing you and how. Know also the power of your own words. Are they to encourage, to help, to give?

I believe we can all improve the quality of our lives this way.

Btw, check out Scott’s blog Live your Legend



I’ve heard people say “life is too complicated” but I see life quite the opposite “its freaking simple”. The law of cause & effect makes it so darn simple – Do you want to have more money? spend less than what you earn. Do you want you lose weight? Eat less and exercise more. Do you want to be happy? Focus on giving to others than on getting for yourself. Do you want to have a partner? Go out and look for him/her. And so on…

 What I believe to be complicated in life is doing what we need to do to get the right outcome. THAT’S CALLED MAKING THE RIGHT DECISION. THAT’S CALLED HARD WORK. But it is very rewarding.

 Often times though we take the easy road and end up making really bad decisions. Don’t despair, life is not over. You can always get back on track but it will be harder work.

One of my favorite sayings is  “A year from now you will wish you had started today”. Theres nothing more constant than the sun, so trust me, that year WILL COME and along with it will be the benefits of the decisions you make TODAY. Whether good or bad, if you are alive for March 26, 2013 – You wil be living with the outcome of today’s decisions. So take a moment today and ask yourself, DO I WANT A BETTER TOMORROW BY WORKING HARD TODAY? OR DO I WANT A COMPLICATED TOMORROW BY TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT RIGHT NOW?

 Life is meant to be lived. So lived it well. #HARDWORK #WISDOM


Often times we come across great advice, ideas, tips that might help us improve or even change our lives but we forget too quickly about them. And so we let the momentum of a wise word simmer and go to the back of our mind without causing an impact. That’s why its so important to REMEMBER.

REMEMBER a universal truth (value)
REMEMBER your non-negotiables (principle)
REMEMBER your dream (goal)

As humans we tend to forget too quickly so the best way to learn how to REMEMBER is to constantly keep these things in our mind. A practical and easy way to do it is to get a 5×5 card , write down KEY WORDS that remind you of a goal, principle, value, advice, ideam,etc, and carry it with you so you can be constantly reminded & guided..

 For example, if I want to remember my purpose in life I write, QOL & SDG. That’s it. It’s short and simple but those 6 letters mean the world to me and have the power to change the direction of any decision I am about to take  (I should get them tattooed). And because we are now in a more modern world, remembering has never been easier. We can HASHTAG our values “Today is a great day! #Gratitude”, We can also share with others our goals “I am running a 5k in two weeks”. Or take a picture that reminds us about something that we don’t want to forget.

So I implore to you, realize that we are humans and forgetfulness is in our DNA, however, with a little effort we can take in the wisdom around us and have a better Quality of Life.  #REMEMBER.

12 So I will always remind you of these things, even though you know them and are firmly established in the truth you now have. 13 I think it is right to refresh your memory… 2 Peter 1:12-13

Why I am not buying the new Iphone 4S

I am an apple person.

It all began with the creation of ITUNES — freaking genius when they decided to give us songs not albums. Right now as I type I am listening to a playlist composed of The Holiday & Darjeeling Limited’s soundtracks, Electrotango and two songs of Jeff Buckley. Each song has been carefully selected (and paid in full) to inspired and get my writing juices flowing.

I am also writing on my MacBook Pro (with its awesome orange cover). Its way faster and better to look & use than any laptop out there.

Next to me is my ipad nano which I bought this weekend JUST BECAUSE I want to start running. I have my playlist ready and all that I need to do is strap it on my wrist and get going. I’ve been going to the gym but been finding hard to stick to cardio for more than 10 mins because I get bored easily, so I KNOW that this lil’ guy will HELP me stick to my fitness goals and plus I got an orange one with a white wristband – Im gonna be fit AND stylish too.

Just now, I got a facebook notification on my Iphone 4. I cant even begin to describe how much I use/need/want this phone in my life. Apple has really improved my daily tasks overall BUT I AM NOT GETTING THE NEW IPHONE 4S.


Because I dont care for a dual processor nor a split on the antenna. See, every Apple product that has come out, from the first macintosh up to the Iphone 4, Apple has been successful at communicating its use and its efficiency in our lives. I am afraid and sad to say that it failed to do so with the Iphone 4S. I am not an engineer nor a tech savvy person so when Apple comes out and says IT HAS A DUAL PROCESSOR! my reaction is “blank stare”. Honestly, with the new IOS system on my perfectly fine Iphone 4 I dont see the nedd to buy the 4S (even though the S could potentially stand for Shaq).

Until I understand HOW its going to benefit me, I dont want nor care for that phone.

The same goes with everything in life – we need to learn to understand the needs of others. People will buy your product and/or services when they can feel that what you have to offer will help them.

Why I Work Out

I began working out for two main reasons.

The first one was for my health. I have a hormonal imbalance problem and the best way to keep this in check is by reducing my stress level and working out.

The second was for a personal goal. On 11.11.11 I want to be on the top of a high mountain so for that I need to get in good shape.

Those WERE the reasons I started working out but now my hormones are balanced (lol) and I’m actually going to be in Bolivia for 11.11.11 so I dont need to climb any big mountain anymore. So what keeps me going?


Not the belief that it is good for me, but the belief that my trainer has in me every time I go for a workout. He makes me do some crazy and hard stuff, for the most part I think he is the crazy one for making me do it. I always swear that one day I’m going to collapse on a push up or fall off from the ball (that hasnt happened yet). He keeps pushing me to my limit because he thinks I can do it and THAT energizes me.

My whole point with this is the following, there’s an unexplainable energy that comes when someone (specially an expert in their field) believes in you. So take this as a two way street. Who needs your belief? And… are you surrounded by people who believe in you?

I hope you can answer these two questions this week and feel the energy that comes from it.

One more thing.. I do believe in you.