Regret is a word I have erased from my dictionary, much like ‘divorce’ (though im not married but then again, thats another post). If I feel I am THIS close to regretting something I give much thought and try to see the lesson behind it. However, there is only ONE regret that I have in life: swimming.

I am not a strong swimmer, I can save myself from drowning, but I will never win a race in the water. 
When I was young, every year we will get to have vacations at an amazing beach resort in Honduras. It had a huge pool and the beach at a walking distance from our “cabana”. I would go and get in the water but never into the deep. Even as a child I had a great imagination and I couldnt help but imagine all the monsters that were waiting for me at the bottom of that dark blue ocean floor. I took some swimming lessons one summer, I got good at it and surprisingly I liked how refreshing it felt to be in the water but I never kept up because my mind would always go back to my imagination and monsters as a child.
Now, I still fight the thought of being in a dirty water with God-knows what else lurking underneath but in the end, I jump right into it. But I am still a terrible swimmer.

In 2008 I made a decision not to have regrets because of my fears and you know what? I made many mistakes after that decision but I dont have regrets. Only lessons learn.

3 thoughts on “Regret

  1. Hey! I just read this post…it reminds me of my own relationship with those things that frighten me (especially the water!). I am always afraid a creepy little shark is going to bite my toes off or something!

    Have fun jumping right into those things that are a little scary at first. God uses things like that to transform us. After a while it becomes exhilarating 🙂

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