Why I Work Out

I began working out for two main reasons.

The first one was for my health. I have a hormonal imbalance problem and the best way to keep this in check is by reducing my stress level and working out.

The second was for a personal goal. On 11.11.11 I want to be on the top of a high mountain so for that I need to get in good shape.

Those WERE the reasons I started working out but now my hormones are balanced (lol) and I’m actually going to be in Bolivia for 11.11.11 so I dont need to climb any big mountain anymore. So what keeps me going?


Not the belief that it is good for me, but the belief that my trainer has in me every time I go for a workout. He makes me do some crazy and hard stuff, for the most part I think he is the crazy one for making me do it. I always swear that one day I’m going to collapse on a push up or fall off from the ball (that hasnt happened yet). He keeps pushing me to my limit because he thinks I can do it and THAT energizes me.

My whole point with this is the following, there’s an unexplainable energy that comes when someone (specially an expert in their field) believes in you. So take this as a two way street. Who needs your belief? And… are you surrounded by people who believe in you?

I hope you can answer these two questions this week and feel the energy that comes from it.

One more thing.. I do believe in you.

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