Why I am not buying the new Iphone 4S

I am an apple person.

It all began with the creation of ITUNES — freaking genius when they decided to give us songs not albums. Right now as I type I am listening to a playlist composed of The Holiday & Darjeeling Limited’s soundtracks, Electrotango and two songs of Jeff Buckley. Each song has been carefully selected (and paid in full) to inspired and get my writing juices flowing.

I am also writing on my MacBook Pro (with its awesome orange cover). Its way faster and better to look & use than any laptop out there.

Next to me is my ipad nano which I bought this weekend JUST BECAUSE I want to start running. I have my playlist ready and all that I need to do is strap it on my wrist and get going. I’ve been going to the gym but been finding hard to stick to cardio for more than 10 mins because I get bored easily, so I KNOW that this lil’ guy will HELP me stick to my fitness goals and plus I got an orange one with a white wristband – Im gonna be fit AND stylish too.

Just now, I got a facebook notification on my Iphone 4. I cant even begin to describe how much I use/need/want this phone in my life. Apple has really improved my daily tasks overall BUT I AM NOT GETTING THE NEW IPHONE 4S.


Because I dont care for a dual processor nor a split on the antenna. See, every Apple product that has come out, from the first macintosh up to the Iphone 4, Apple has been successful at communicating its use and its efficiency in our lives. I am afraid and sad to say that it failed to do so with the Iphone 4S. I am not an engineer nor a tech savvy person so when Apple comes out and says IT HAS A DUAL PROCESSOR! my reaction is “blank stare”. Honestly, with the new IOS system on my perfectly fine Iphone 4 I dont see the nedd to buy the 4S (even though the S could potentially stand for Shaq).

Until I understand HOW its going to benefit me, I dont want nor care for that phone.

The same goes with everything in life – we need to learn to understand the needs of others. People will buy your product and/or services when they can feel that what you have to offer will help them.

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