I’ve heard people say “life is too complicated” but I see life quite the opposite “its freaking simple”. The law of cause & effect makes it so darn simple – Do you want to have more money? spend less than what you earn. Do you want you lose weight? Eat less and exercise more. Do you want to be happy? Focus on giving to others than on getting for yourself. Do you want to have a partner? Go out and look for him/her. And so on…

 What I believe to be complicated in life is doing what we need to do to get the right outcome. THAT’S CALLED MAKING THE RIGHT DECISION. THAT’S CALLED HARD WORK. But it is very rewarding.

 Often times though we take the easy road and end up making really bad decisions. Don’t despair, life is not over. You can always get back on track but it will be harder work.

One of my favorite sayings is  “A year from now you will wish you had started today”. Theres nothing more constant than the sun, so trust me, that year WILL COME and along with it will be the benefits of the decisions you make TODAY. Whether good or bad, if you are alive for March 26, 2013 – You wil be living with the outcome of today’s decisions. So take a moment today and ask yourself, DO I WANT A BETTER TOMORROW BY WORKING HARD TODAY? OR DO I WANT A COMPLICATED TOMORROW BY TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT RIGHT NOW?

 Life is meant to be lived. So lived it well. #HARDWORK #WISDOM

1 thought on “DECISIONS

  1. It is interesting and I believe it to be truth. The problem with “hard work” is that first word; however, “hard” will always be better than “harder” something that most of us do not see or understand when having to make decisions.

    Very interesting your blog Susan I like it.

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