Words are Powerful

I follow an amazing and passionate blogger, Scott Dinsmore, who has dedicated his life to help others do the work that they love. Each post leaves me feeling as if I am on top of the world.
He has a way to validate my ideas and dreams. His words are pure energy to my brain and I swear that after visiting his blog, I feel invincible.

Today I was reading his latest post: 74 Unconventional Stories, Ideas & Beliefs for Making an Unforgettable Impact in a Conventional World (#WDS 2012) and it was encouraging me to take my dreams and just ship them. Just do them.

That’s when it hit me …

Words are powerful.

I am lucky enough to have a passion for reading and learning. And also, I feel extremely blessed to have access to works, thoughts, and teachings of great minds like Seth Godin, Leo Babauta, Simon Sinek, and others. Their words and actions really inspire me.

So I want to encourage you. Know the power of the words you read, hear or feel.
Be conscious of whats influencing you and how. Know also the power of your own words. Are they to encourage, to help, to give?

I believe we can all improve the quality of our lives this way.

Btw, check out Scott’s blog Live your Legend

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