Talk vs Action

ImageI can sit here and write all about my big Exception but what is the point if October 4th comes and I am not where I need to be to set in motions the events that need to happen to get to it?

Sometimes talk is cheap.
Other times, it may cost you alot of money.

Either way, last night I took action and made the final step to make sure that I’ll be where I need to be come October 4th.

Hows walk comparing to your talk, which one do you do more?



ImageLast night I had a dream about the Big Exception, and you know what – I didnt make it! I stuck to my Life’s Rule. But that was just a dream, maybe I didnt make the big jump because I wasnt ready…

One thing that I’ve learned through this countdown (it began for me many weeks ago) is the art of preparation. I say ART because really, it takes some sort of creativity with planning and perfect execution to make it come true. 

By preparing I become more aware of my decisions and where my life is heading. Its been said that if you dont know where you are going then you will never know when you get there. I know where I am going but I must take steps towards that direction. 

Preparation must be in three areas; physical, emotional & spiritual. Some days I devote more time to one of those areas but overall, I am seeing how everything is coming together. Slowly. 

So I’m wondering, do you prepare for life, if so, how?