I’ve been reading alot lately.

Mother Theresa
Nelson Mandela
Seth Godin
John C Maxwell
Peter Rollins
Dr. Tim Elmore
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They make up my week and give me useful information on life, leadership, love, wisdom, philosophy, God, time management, etc.
I REALLY enjoy analyzing and dissecting every single principle & it’s application. My life has been enriched, theres no doubt. But sometimes I feel like Solomon “MEANINGLESS…EVERYTHING IS MEANINGLESS”. Sometimes I feel I get an overload and it just doesnt make sense anymore. I’m feeding my intellectual brain but starving my soul, my heart — the part in me that needs relationships, touch and a good laugh.

I am reminded of Matthew 16:26

What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?

I try hard to find the balance, to put down the book when I feel that my soul is crying. Society tells you to continue, to hustle, and it actually rewards those who have spent most of their lives with their noses between textbooks. If you have a brilliant mind, by all means, get a freaking PhD. But if you are like me – with an average mind – learn from the cry of my soul and put down your ambitions to gain back your soul. What good will it be if you obtained the highest honor an intellectual/business leader/entrepreneur/[insert your own ambition here] gets but end up without a family, without friends, without love, without wrinkles in your face caused by laughter… and even worse, without being at peace with your Maker?

The Father who Failed

There was once a brilliant man who had a remarkable worked ethic. Since his youth whatever he did was with excellence, so it was no surprise that the company he began grew in number and fortune. This man had a wife and 3 sons. His sons enjoyed growing up in the “family business” but each had a distinct personality. The man was mightly proud of each one of them and encouraged their independence.  The company knew nothing but success, however,  at the age of 45, this man made a risky move and partnered with another successful person. The partnership began as a good thing but in two years they realized that they were different. The man worked hard and his standard of excellence was set up very high. The other successful man rode off the successes of others and barely had an original thought, less a good working ethic. After 8 years of partnership and having lost alot of the company’s fortune, both men decided it was time to part ways.

The man, the father,  had failed.

He had made a risk and bold moved that made him lose half of his fortune. His sons, all grown up and in college, knew that their father didnt have the energy nor the time to start from zero. So they came back home. One by one began to work along side their father. Through trial and error, they began to polish each other’s character. Through perseverance and lessons from the past, they stirred the company into a new era. Thankfully, the foundation that was laid was a good one, so it was only a matter of time when they began to see the fruit of their hard work. The sons, as independent as they were, understood the culture of the company and with their father’s guidance each became successful. The father had failed in business but succeeded in what mattered the most; passing the baton of greatness, hard work, integrity and honesty to his 3 sons.

What would had happened if the father had never taken a risk? Maybe he would have never known failure and he would have died a successful business man. But also, he wouldnt have been able to teach his sons through his example and guidance the true character of a successful person.


It’s been long since I posted in here.
I really havent had something meaningful to write and I refuse to waste mine or anyone else’s time, so I rather keep quiet. However, today is different. Today I want to write my first of many manifestos.

Today I want to fail.

I want to fail because it would mean that I am doing something.
I want to fail because it would mean that I am learning.
I want to fail because I want to move on.

I’ve had many projects on my plate and its been taking a long time to get it off to a start because I’ve been so careful in planning each step. But now that those steps are set in place, its time to put them into motion. I know I will fail at some point, and when that happens GOOD. I will learn and move on. I guess failing will be my measuring stick. When I fail, I know I am moving forward. Keyword: MOVING. So let’s start failing.

Open Letter to Mr. Gutfeld from the RED EYE

March 23, 2011

I read your column on Evo Morales and Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. Though I am not a supporter of neither I am objective and also respectful of the human race, hence my reason of writing.

The way you start your column “So Evo Morales, the Bolivian president (yes, one exists)…” is arrogance at its best. No wonder  why other nations hate us. This type of sarcasm shows an arrogance and superiority that is a characteristic of a selfish “Yankee”. Please, let’s never forget for one second that we are blessed to have been born in a country where freedom and an opportunity for a good quality of life are at our fingertips. We should be tankful not arrogant.

The continuation of your column shows your ignorance. I hope that no Bolivian reads this since they will be having a great laugh at your expense. For your information, a hectares is equal to 2.471 acre – 1,000 square meters (in case you don’t understand acres either). You accuse Bolivia of being the “world’s third largest purveyors of cocaine”. Seriously? Tell me it was a typo and you meant to write COCA LEAF, because a coca leaf is very different from the cocaine drug. You should go down to Bolivia and visit the Altiplano, I am sure you’ll be thankful for the Coca Tea or the Coca Candy, because let me tell you, the altitude is a killer and the coca leaf really relieves  the altitude sickness. Or how about if you go a few feet under and work all day in their mines, chewing a coca leaf will suppress your appetite. See, the Bolivians, especially those that live in the Altiplano region NEED the coca leaf. Of course, theres the other side of the coin where there are people from all over the world and in Boliva, too, that cultivate it to make the drug we all call like to call cocaine, but to say that they are the third largest purveyor of cocaine is just plain WRONG and IGNORANT.

I do not agree with Evo’s political agenda nor stance but he does raise a point “How is it possible that a Nobel Peace Prize winner leads a gang to attack and invade?”. And I agree with you, Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was premature. We should have given him more time to show his character and later, if deserved, award him with this prize. But to put down a nation, to call them purveyors of cocaine, to make fun of their president is completely unethical, wrong and well – sometimes I think its very American. You do nothing to shed the image we have with the world. Your arrogance and ignorance confirms what I had always feared – even educated Americans  have their eyes close to the world.

So I write to tell you, please, next time choose your words carefully and take your time to understand the culture of another country before attacking and belittling them.


Susan Guerra

Learning to see Love

I once read that if you go down at the very bottom of a well and look up to the sky, you will see lots and lots of stars.

Is that how love is?

You get into a deep well, you dont try to get out but stay in. You learn  to love the smell of damp rocks, old dirt and even though there is a rope you stay.
Your eyes learn to see in the dark place. The cold you felt becomes a cool breeze to your face caressing your cheeks.
After a long time you look up – and behold, a miracle before your eyes – thousands of bright stars! Some are big, some are small. They vary in color and shape but they are gorgeous.

Maybe love is learning to see past the other person’s imperfections. Embracing his talents and learning to accept the different points of view.

And then after a while you see him with different eyes.
You see him with love.

God’s plan for your life …

Yesterday I came across the blog of a well known Christian author. He wrote a very eloquent and practical blog that asked (and answered) the question “Does God have a specific plan in my life”. His main argument was that God is not a control freak, so therefore he doesn’t believe that “God has mapped out a plan for your every day, or even for your every year.”

This generated over 250 comments (and debates) – in just one day!

What I see is the pettiness of our own lives.
Are we so focused on becoming independent that look for hidden words in the Bible that speak of God giving us total control of our lives, or are we so lazy and afraid to take responsibility in our own hands that like the notion that God will tell you what to do – in an audible voice, so you wait for it — and wait, and wait.

I get his point. He wants us to be proactive Christians.
But according to his writings, in order to become proactive Christians we need to set God aside and depend on our own definition of right from wrong. However, this is all too humanistic and really, very petty.
Yes – we have been giving a free will by God. We are not forced to do this or that but He has said time and time again “seek first MY kingdom and everything will be giving to you… delight in ME and I will give you the desires of your heart”. Does he have a specific plan, I believe so. Why? Because He is God and it goes with his character that everything created by Him is with a purpose (or some call it plan).

Now, instead of focusing our energy on arguing whether he has it in his plan for us to eat Chinese or sushi, how about if we focus on something greater – the REASON for a Free Will.

As our Father and Creator He gave us a free will so we can voluntarily and willingly love him back.
That’s it. There’s no free will so we can take charge of our lives. Theres no free will so we can show others how proactive and efficient we can be as Christians. There is free will so we can DECIDE to love him back.

So I beg you.
Take your mind out of petty things and decide whether, in your free will, you will love him in return or not.

We love him, because he first loved us” 1 JOHN 4:9

Time and Moments

Lately I’ve been thinking alot what it means to BE ALIVE. 
The physical definition of being alive is to breathe and have a beating heart. But what about the spiritual part? What about your conscious, soul and emotions? Just because we get up each day, eat, do our stuff and then go back to bed does it mean that we are living? And by the way — why is it that we need to greet the new day sleeping, consciously unaware of a new second chance to live? … Getting back to being alive — how can we define it? 
I define it by the moments I’ve lived in this thing called TIME and SPACE. We all have wonderful, tense, sad, heartbreaken, and confused moments. Each day we  live in MOMENTS and we can turn them into MEMORIES. Memories that when we look back at them we can still feel the emotion, our face can turn red and even cringed at the outcome – even though its all in the past.

The last four years have been the best moments of my life. One will think that loving a boy at the age of 8 and then getting to be his girlfriend 10 years later, for four years will be the best moment of my life – WRONG. Once I stopped dating him i began to live. I was aware of each moment of my life because I was the one calling the shots in my life. I wasnt pleasing anyone nor fitting my personality to someone else’s. I began to live in my PRESENT moments. Now I have a best friend who I share all these moments with. It’s like telling him a big story everyday – a story where I am fully alive.

I guess that time consists of little moments in life. If you dont have them then time has started but your life hasnt …. so get on with it! Make a moment today that will be a great memory tomorrow.